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10 ways to make your working day better


Stuck in a rut at work? Follow these ten tip tips from Suzanne Hazelton, author of Great Days at Work and you’ll be right as rain…

1.      Believe that you can make your days at work better

Henry Ford says “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”.   The first step in having better days at work is to believe that you can.

2.      Focus on what you can influence

It’s easy to think about how we’d like others to change, or to focus on things outside of our control.  Take a moment to think about what things you can influence in order to make your work days better.

3.      Find ways to have “micro-rests”. 

Technically there’s very little difference between tennis players at the top of their game.  However studies have shown a big difference in how players recover between points (micro-rests).  In your day find moments where you can have a micro-rests.  Perhaps some calming breathing walking between meetings, or a moment to savour an enjoyable memory.

4.      Have more positive emotions

To thrive, you need at least three positive emotions for each negative.  List what gives you positive emotions.  Find ways to incorporate more of them into your life.  Gratitude, acts of kindness, and savouring are all free and boost your positive emotions. 

5.      Look for opportunities to pay a genuine compliment. 

Look for things that have been done well – and pay a compliment.  You might feel better as a result – emotions are contagious, and positive emotions contribute to success.

6.      Find ‘flow’ – activities that you can lose yourself in

You probably have a couple of work activities where you find that long stretches of time pass in what seems like moments.  Find more of these activities.  If an area of your job has become too easy – it may not be giving you “flow” and you may need to increase its complexity – perhaps by setting yourself new challenges, could you complete it a shorter amount of time?

7.      Have small goals – and consistently achieve them

This creates a positive re-enforcement loop, which means you’ll get more done, and feel better.

8.      Make faster decisions

Not all decisions need to be mulled. There will always be more information you could get – and it’s useful to know when to take the decision and move on.

9.    Learn to be more assertive – and this can start with better posture.

10.  Keep things in perspective

When something irks you, ask yourself if it will matter 10 years from now?


Suzanne Hazelton is a leadership coach and positive psychologist.  Suzanne shares a chapter on working with others from her new book Great Days at Work (published by Kogan Page) out in July, priced £14.99.


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