By Julia Dennison

I think I’m turning Japanese (or I think my desk is)

It seems the world of stationery is turning Japanese, with the likes of Muji pens and Tombow’s Sakura line hitting desks across the UK.

Having been to Japan for the first time in April, and currently suffering from critical mochi, ramen and sashimi withdrawal, anything from the Land of the Rising Sun is a-OK with me.

If you add to this my lifelong obsession with all things Sanrio, and you can imagine the excitement that ensued when I discovered Bic was launching a new range of Hello Kitty-branded stationery items. And yes, I am 30 years old.

Hello Kitty first appeared on the scene in 1974, though she didn’t make it over to the UK until the 1990s. She started life as a greeting-card character, but Sanrio quickly realised her popularity and expanded the brand to appear on a wide range of products from toasters to vacuum cleaners.

But, perhaps due to the fact she’s fairly new to this country, we don’t get enough of her in the UK.

Now available from your local office products dealer, Hello Kitty’s pretty face is now appearing on the Bic 4Colours, Bic Cristal, Bic Matic and Tippex Mini Pocket Mouse range of products.

“We’re really excited about our new Hello Kitty range,” said Ulrike Amaya of Bic UK and Ireland, citing its ability to add some “fun and colour” to their usual range of pens and Tippex.

Personally, I’m especially excited about my new Bic Hello Kitty fountain pen, which adds a little class to my morning Manga fix. And to be honest, on a Friday afternoon like today, I’d do anything for a little distraction from the daily grind.

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