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Amateur Attenborough spots roadrunner

driveA motorist thought he’d driven into a cartoon after spotting a real-life “Roadrunner” pelting alongside his car – which turned out to be an escaped Emu, according to The Telegraph.

Sean Loram, 42, could not believe his eyes when he saw the massive emu, which had escaped from a nearby farm, sprinting along the rural main road.

The father-of-one, who works in sales at a local newspaper, said that motorists were switching on their hazard lights and driving around something on the A21, near Robertsbridge, East Sussex.

Sean slowed down to see what was happening when he was shocked to see it was an enormous bird making a run for it down the busy road.

He said: “It was at least 5ft tall. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I don’t know what type of bird it is. But anyway, it’s not the sort of thing you see on the A21.

“I was stationary, so I took this picture.”

East Sussex Road Policing Unit who saw the funny side tweeted that they were en route to contain the bird on Thursday afternoon.

When Robert Price tweeted “So why did the emu cross the road?” the road policing unit replied “to catch the chicken on the other side…”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “The bird had been running along the main road but did not cause any accidents.

“It was found in an adjacent field and its owner, from a nearby farm, came to retrieve him.”

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