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How much does it cost to play tennis near you?

surveyWimbledon is upon us and has already inspired many to get back on the court and improve their tennis skills.

But how much does it cost to play tennis in the UK? A new study reveals that the price of an annual membership varies greatly depending in which part of the country you swing your racket.

Annual tennis club membership average costs:

London – £241.50
Scotland – £222.90
Bristol – £166
Birmingham – £165.40
Wales – £155.50
Northern Ireland – £146.50
Manchester – £133.60
Leeds – £130.20
Newcastle – £113.40

The research reveals that the most expensive places to play tennis regularly are London and Scotland and the cheapest is in Newcastle and surrounding areas in the North East.

Read the full study at: Wimbledon Study: How much does it cost to play tennis?

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