By Emily Hardy

Time apart is the secret to a happy relationship

Happy relationship

  •     Dating experts warn ‘British couples are spending too much time together’
  •     Over half of those in a relationship only spend three nights a month with friends
  •     Spending more time with our friends is ‘crucial’ to a stress free relationship

Spending time apart from your partner could be the secret to a happier relationship, according to dating experts.

New research shows that over 50% of us only spend up to three nights a month with our friends and almost a third of people agree that taking time out to bond with their friends makes them happier when in a relationship.

One in 10 people said they would like to spend more time with their friends, with the same amount agreeing that they feel more tense and frustrated when they don’t take enough ‘me time’, the research from TeamSport reveals.

Suzie Parkus, dating coach for MeetYourMatch advises: “As a nation, we are guilty of wanting to spend way too much time with our partners, and although being in a relationship is one of the greatest feelings in the world, it’s also important that we let our partners breath and allow them have a life of their own.”

She adds: “Time spent apart is just as valuable as time spent together. Relationships don’t mean you have to be inseparable. The test of a good relationship is being able to be apart and nothing changing.”

Psychotherapist Hilda Burke comments: “No relationship is perfect, but in order to grow and develop as individuals it’s crucial that we respect our partner’s friendships and individual interests.

Often many people’s happiness relies solely on their partner too, which isn’t healthy. Depending on another person to fulfil all of our needs can often mean setting ourselves up to feel disappointed and resentful. Besides, a person’s independence and the fact that they have different tastes and interests is often what attracted us to our partners them in the first place. By making the effort to dedicate some time each week to see friends or to do something you love will help ensure that you don’t lose your identity and sense of self in the relationship.”

The survey, which questioned 1,000 UK adults in relationships, also reveals that men spend more time with their friends than women, and that their favourite way to spend time with their friends is going to the pub, whereas women would prefer to go out for dinner. More men than women also said that spending too much time with their partner causes them to argue more.


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