By Cameron Kilmister

Most UK workers stress over money worries, survey finds


The leading cause of stress in the UK is the amount of money people have to live on, according to new research.

Statistics website Statista put together findings that uncovered the top five causes of stress in the UK, based on information from a global GfK survey.

Money worries affected 30% of respondents, while 28% said they were concerned the amount of pressure they put on themselves was responsible for their stress levels.

In third place, 22% of respondents named not getting enough sleep as the major cause of their stress.

This was followed by the amount of work they have to get done each day and concerns about their health, both of which were major causes of stress for 19% of British people.

While 17% of men said the amount of work they had to get done in a day caused them stress, 21% of women said not having time for the things they want to do was a major cause of stress.

The survey also found money, self-pressure and lack of sleep are the top three major causes of stress internationally.

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