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Dress for success, by Nooshin Bakhshi, designer tailor & personal stylist.

When it comes to interviewing for a new job, the first impression you create as you enter the room is paramount. Whether you are applying for a corporate or creative role, dressing your absolute best, feeling confident and communicating the message you already ‘fit in’, is crucial. This will not only affect your confidence during the interview, but ultimately, the result.

To start: Research the organisation you are interviewing for and their in-house dress code. Is it:

  • Creative – choose a contemporary/smart look: a well fitted blazer with a crisp white shirt and fitted trousers to match.
  • Corporate – adopt a more tailored approach, a matching two-piece dress or trouser suit in good quality wool will set you apart. Choose solid colours such as navy, black and grey to help you achieve a subtle, stylish and fuss free look.

Tip: When choosing garments, select colours that compliment your skin tone. Navy is very forgiving and is an excellent alternative to the classic black suit. If you choose to wear black, break it up with a piece of jewellery or a small neck scarf.

Your attire will set you apart from the other candidates so be honest with yourself and consider:

  • Does my suit fit me properly? If It’s too tight, you will appear uncomfortable and draw unwanted attention. Conversely, if you find there is excess fabric in your suit use an alterations tailor and have it fitted to your shape.
  • Do I need to reinvest in a new suit? If it has faded or is showing signs of wear and tear, you may want to think about investing.

Tip: Be honest with yourself and selective with your purchases. Take along a friend or consult an expert who will be able to advise you on the correct cut of suit for your body shape – nothing inspires more confidence than a well-tailored garment that fits.

Accessories matter

  • Your handbag should be smart and well organised; the contents packed neatly and have a good pen to hand should you need to sign that all-important contract.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and stable, easy for you to walk in and clean.
  • Makeup should be natural and unfussy with jewellery kept to a minimum.

Tip: Accessories should always compliment your outfit and never compete. Choose neutral or solid tones such as navy, nude or black – patent leather always looks the smartest. And watch out for potholes and cracked pavements – they can play havoc with your heels!

On the day of the interview:

  • Before leaving the house, check for fraying hems and rogue cat and dog hairs.
  • Keep nails clean and natural, perfume kept to an absolute minimum and check for the dreaded white deodorant stripes that can go unnoticed.
  • Hair should be clean and swept back for a fuss free look or down and well-groomed – you are looking to create the appearance of a professional ‘together’ individual and nothing communicates that more than someone who takes their appearance seriously.

MOST importantly:

Give yourself time to get ready, forward plan your outfit and journey. This is your time to shine and demonstrate your ability and knowledge. Good Luck!

Nooshin is a ladies designer-tailor based in Savile Row, London  (go to She offers a ready to wear, made to measure and bespoke tailoring service exclusively for women.

Nooshin offers free style consultations and can be contacted on [email protected] or call 0844 409 6898


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