By George_Carey

Blue Monday: Reasons to be cheerful


We know today is supposed to be the glummest of the year so far, but reminding us of it every five minutes doesn’t really help, does it? So, to counteract all those gloom-inducing news stories, here’s our ‘reasons to be cheerful’ (part one):

  1. Yes, Christmas may be well and truly behind us, but that means it’s almost a WHOLE YEAR until you have to fake smile your way through Christmas dinner with the in-laws (or two years if you take it in turns.) Whoopee!
  2. It’s snowing!! Yes, it can be a complete pain in the backside, with travel disruption etc. But it looks SO pretty. It’s also an excuse to get some serotonin-inducing exercise via sledging/snowball fights/trudging to the shops to get hot chocolate. Ooh, and you may get a day off work too, if you’re lucky.
  3. It’s summer holiday booking time. Jan and Feb are the most popular time of year for booking hols, so get planning yours asap. The summer might seem like another lifetime right now, but it will give you something to daydream about on those particularly chilly, gloomy days. Plus you have lots of time to pay it off.
  4. Finally, you may be skint and up to your eyeballs in credit card bills – but on the upside, so is everybody else. The last week of Jan is a great time to enjoy the things you’ve been too busy to do over Christmas. Like catching up on all those episodes of Homeland you have on Sky Plus, or that book you never got round to reading, or a cosy night in with your friends. They don’t say the best things in life are free for nothing…


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