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Filing a nightmare? Don’t flap: get your desk in order

Whether it’s archiving old documents, filing paperwork or de-cluttering our desks, it’s often the little things we struggle with when it comes to organisation at work. A new study from office experts Avery reveals that a staggering 70% of UK office workers admit to finding it hard to keep on top of organisation at work. Sound familiar?

The most common complaint from office workers struggling to stay on top of things was not having the time to stay organised, with a quarter of office workers saying there are so many other important things to prioritise, that paperwork and organising always get left to one side. Day-to-day tasks that office workers struggle with include the filing of important documents, cited by 38%, and the proper organisation of files and folders by labelling them clearly. It even emerged that only four in ten office workers actually stick to a strict filing system!

Messy desks or untidy workspaces are some of the first signs of disorder in the office, with both of these problems scoring highly on the list of complications that arise as a result of not having time to get organised in the office.

If allowed to get out of control a lack of office organisation can have real implications on efficiency in the office. Nearly one in five people say they have lost important documents through a lack of organisation and the same number said that important tasks can get delayed through wasting time looking for things.  A further one in ten people confess to having to work late simply to re-establish order and make the office look a bit more organised!

If you find yourself identifying with some of these findings, it might be time to think about breaking bad working habits and becoming more organised in the office. If spring cleaning, de-cluttering and organising your office or even just your desk sounds daunting, don’t panic – Avery has some top tips to help get you started:

  • If you’ve built up rather a lot of office clutter, don’t despair or let the task of organising your workspace overwhelm you. Instead of putting it off, make a to-do list of areas to tackle and manageable tasks to complete, one step at a time. This will help break your de-cluttering project down into achievable jobs.
  • Paperwork can be the bane of many offices. From receipts to contracts, there’s often just too much of it – so make sure your filing is in order. Whether you choose to use folders, files, storage boxes or intrays make sure you’ve got a clear system in place for all your printed documents. This way finding paperwork is easy.
  • Consider a colour-coded filing system to help making finding things efficient and easy for everyone in the office.
  • A great way of organising your paperwork is to use labels to clearly identify what goes where. On busy days when you’re pressed for time you need to be able to immediately see where a document should go, otherwise it can be tempting just to hide things in drawers or under desks!
  • Start off small by archiving documents that you don’t need on a daily basis and storing them tidily in files and folders. Just make sure they’re clearly labelled so you can easily find them again.
  • If there’s paperwork you need to access daily, why not have it all in order in a neatly labelled binder on your desk?
  • Creating a smart new filing system doesn’t have to mean buying all new folders either, save on the stationery order by giving old files and folders a new lease of life with new labels to cover over old text and labels.
  • Remember de-cluttering shouldn’t just be an annual task. Make time every few months for a good clear out as it’s very easy to let things build up. We all have a tendency to hold on to things ‘just in case’ – but this can lead to unnecessary clutter. Assess whether you are really ever going to make use of something and, if the answer’s no, get rid!

You’ll be surprised at just how much difference getting organised can make to your daily routine. So what are you waiting for? Set aside some time to get your office in order and take on that messy workspace, the dishevelled filing cabinet and those piles of paperwork today


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