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Couple reveal what life is really like sharing their home with 41 dogs


An animal lover who admits she is “just crazy about dogs” has her hands full caring for 41 of them at her home in Barnsley, the Daily Mail reports.

Lynn Everett, 58, has 24 French bulldogs, 10 miniature bull terriers, four Chihuahuas and three Chinese cresteds.

As a result, dog walks are like military operations involving 120 poop scoops, she spends two-hours a day preparing their meals, and has to fork out £30,000 a year on their food, accessories and vets bills. But despite the cost and effort involved, Lynn said she wouldn’t live any other way.

“It is hard work with 41 dogs but I love every minute and I wouldn’t swap it,” she reveals in a Channel 5 documentary. “Some people want to be nurses, some want to work in offices, all I have ever wanted to is to have lots of dogs.”

She revealed that her love of dogs began when she was a child and then when she married long-suffering husband Tony, 67, they got a dog, then another one, then another one… until they reached the 41 they have today.

“Are my dogs an obsession or an illness? No, they are not,” Lynn said. “Is it a collection or something wrong in my brain… I am just crazy about my dogs.”

Her husband, 67, is also a dog lover but he admits having 41 of them is a bit much and can be a constant source of contention between them.

“Lynn and myself will have so many arguments about pups, it’s almost impossible to live with,” Tony said.

The couple haven’t been able to go on holiday since their honeymoon 21 years ago because of their pets and they often end up bickering because of them.

“We argue because I have one way of doing it and he has another,” Lynn explains.

And as much as she loves her husband, she admits: “The dogs no matter what will always come first,” adding they are “lucky” that they can make their relationship work with 41 dogs in the mix.

Tony is well-aware of just how much having the pets means to Lynn, even though he can find it difficult so share his home with them all at times.

“Lynn loves them like a mother loves a baby, it’s deeper than an addiction, when she has dogs around her, it’s a feeling like it completes her being,” he explained.

Lynn’s love and dedication to each of her pets means she has spent a fortune on vet bills, including treating one dog for meningitis and another for cancer.

One of her bulldogs is blind but Lynn said she would rather foot medical bills than have them put down.

“I could have them put to sleep but I haven’t just because they are not perfect,” she said.

She pays the bills by being a dog breeder, using her pedigree pets as stud dogs. She would keep some of the puppies herself if she could – but the local council have said she cannot have more than the 41 she currently owns in their three-bed semi.

Describing the 15,000 dinners a year she has to prepare, she said: “Feeding time takes two hours, there are 41 dinners to prepare and 41 bowls to wash after.

“I have to remember who eats what as some have beef and others have chicken. You have to be there when they are eating so they don’t argue.”

When it comes to the downside of caring for dozens of dogs, Lynn and Tony said they have to deal with abuse from people – both in person and online – who don’t share their fondness for the creatures. They once even had a brick thrown through their window.

Lynn said: “The only downside to having 41 dogs is other people’s negativity, and they are really nasty about it. I don’t ask them to have 41 dogs, they are my 41.

“We get a lot of abuse, I have been called dirty, smelly b****, why do they say things like that? If they have a problem they are small minded, it’s my choice what I do with my time.”

One person who would never knock Lynn’s situation is Emmie Stevens, 27, from Croydon, who also appears on the Channel 5 show. She currently owns 12 dogs and would love to have more.

“Everyone is addicted to something in life and a lot of people are addicted to something not great and they don’t get a lot back from it. I am addicted to dogs,” she admits.

She said her addiction became when she adopted her first dog, Doodles, from a puppy farm and loved the buzz she got from giving the neglected animal a loving home.

She said: “He needed someone and so did I. The feeling I got from taking him on was like one I never got before. I am addicted to that feeling.”

She said she shares her bed with the dogs and loves to dress them up in different outfits to “make them look good.”


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