By Emily Hardy

Thought Gin & Tonic crisps were weird? Bizarre flavoured snacks from around the world

From Pigs in Blankets to Prosecco and Elderberry, The Mirror takes a look at some of the strangest flavoured crisps from the UK and around the world


You might think you’ve already seen the most bizarre crisps on the supermarket shelves this year. Aldi revealed this week it has introduced Gin & Tonic flavoured snacks as part of its Christmas range – sparking outcry from a cop who branded it ‘irresponsible’.

But it seems they’re not the only ones at it – with manufacturers willing to produce just about any flavour you could imagine. And a Gin & Tonic snack begins to look pretty tame, when compared to what you can get elsewhere in the world…

Prosecco and Elderberry

Tesco recently revealed a Prosecco and Elderberry flavour, which was slammed as one of the ‘most ridiculous’ by Twitter users. The description on the packet says: “Sweet, delicately fragrant elderberry with the festive fizz of Prosecco.” Potatoes and Prosecco. Delicious, right? But they’ve got some competition.

Earlier this year Marks and Spencer unveiled their Christmas fizz in crisp form with Winter Berries and Prosecco with Fizz and Sparkle. The packet explains that they are “made using specially selected British potatoes, thinly sliced with their skins on and hand cooked in small batches to give a delicious and crispy snack”. The crisps are apparently sprinkled with pink glitter designed to fizz on your tongue.

And if they weren’t middle-class enough, how about some gourmet vegetable crisps? Leighton Brown, whose crisps are gluten-free, do a Sweet Potato, Cheese & Jalapeno flavour.

The east London based crisp company have been trying to come up with some of the most innovative flavours, including Beetroot Horseradish & Dill and Parsnip & Manuka Honey crisps.

Pigs in blankets

In one of the newest additions to the world of weird crisp flavours, Pringles today launched its Christmas special edition with a Pigs in Blankets flavour range. The perfect addition to your Christmas dinner, perhaps?

Cool cucumber and lemon tea

But it’s when we look around the globe that the tastes appear to get really interesting. In China, global crisp company Lay’s has a range of apparently ‘healthier’ flavours including ‘cool cucumber’, ‘blueberry’ and ‘lemon tea’.

And perhaps the most interesting of all is the ‘hot and sour fish soup’ – for when you’re craving fish, soup and potato snacks all at the same time.

Chips dipped in chocolate

And for those that aren’t quite sure if they prefer sweet or savoury, Lay’s have dipped one of their varieties in milk chocolate – called ‘Wavy’. But it might be your stomach that’s wavering, rather than your tastebuds.


But for those of us with really expensive tastes, there’s really only one option when it comes to tasty treats. The Italian town of Alba is famed for its white truffle and now a company has decided to turn them into crisps.


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