By Hayley Zimak

Don’t let Blue Monday get you down today


Today is said to be the most depressing day of the year; the third Monday in January is commonly known as ‘Blue Monday.’

While there really isn’t any valid proof to back this up, according to the Mirrorit’s supposedly a combination of the return to work after the holidays, low motivation, debt issues and the weather.

The Liverpool Echo reports it was a concept first coined by holiday company Sky Travel as part of its marketing campaign in 2005. The idea: to get potential customers dreaming of summer and holiday time to stave off the winter blahs.

Get Reading reports that Sky said it had analysed when people book holidays, included other aspects like post-Christmas slumps and the weather – and started the first Blue Monday on January 24th, 2005.

Despite the fact there’s no scientific proof to support the Blue Monday notion – that didn’t stop Pret from brightening up people’s day.

The café chain announced via Twitter that it would be offering 100,000 customers a special sleeve with their drink that means a free drink for someone else.

A note on the special sleeve reads: “This special coffee sleeve thing in the perfect way to pass on a little bit of cheer and raise a smile.

“Just give it to a friend, colleague, or even a complete stranger and they can enjoy a free coffee or tea.

“And if they bring you along, you can enjoy a free drink too!”



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