By Hayley Zimak

Avoiding office distractions


It’s the ‘epidemic of overwhelm’ at the office – there are just too many distractions, according to new research.

Steelcase surveyed employees in 17 countries and found that 49% of workers are unable to find a space in the office where they can concentrate.

It also found that the average office worker is interrupted or distracted every three minutes and that it takes 23 minutes to return to the task after an interruption.

The survey goes on to say there are on average eight windows open on a worker’s computer at any given time, 204 million e-mails are sent every day and are checked by each office worker 30 times an hour and that Smart phone devices occupied 200% more of workers’ time in 2015 than 2012 and are checked 221 times a day.

Despite the myriad of ‘other things’ we could be doing at work – it’s possible to train the brain to focus more effectively by fully focusing on the task at hand – multitasking does not necessarily make us more productive.

Allow for regular breaks as the capacity of the brain to focus intensely is usually limited to about 45 minutes. Interrupting a task and perhaps moving to another area such as a cafe area can allow for a stimulating exchange of ideas and rejuvenates the brain ready for the next task in hand.

Working on the move will also get those creative juices flowing – just take a quick walk for some fresh air – and fresh ideas!


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