By Hayley Zimak

The perfect proposal


Found THE one? Give it a month’s planning, a bended-knee proposal and the cost of an engagement ring for a definite yes, according to research conducted among love-stricken men and women across the nation.

The survey commissioned by Destinology found that today’s modern marriage conquest is no longer akin to Pride and Prejudice or climbing Mount Everest but actually more of a spontaneous event.

Over half (55%) of those questioned believe it should take just one month or less to plan a proposal – 17% said it should take no planning at all and happen on impulse. And while 72% said they wouldn’t expect their partner to follow through on the once customary tradition of asking their parent’s for permission, there are some traditions still relevant to achieving that perfect proposal.

When asked how they would like to be proposed to, over half of respondents (56%) said they’d like to be taken by complete surprise and for it to be done traditionally, down on one knee.

A third (32%) of respondents said the cost of an engagement ring should be the only cost, with one in three of those favouring the additional expense of dinner at a restaurant. According to the data, however, for almost a quarter (23%) a weekend away or a trip abroad makes proposing all the more pleasing, especially for 25-34 year olds for whom it would matter more.

Of those that had a preference for a proposal location, a romantic city (18%), tropical paradise (12%) and winter wonderland (8%) were listed as the most appealing.

Other statistics showed that while a majority (38%) wouldn’t have a preference for when they were proposed to, for one in five it would be on the date they met, followed by their birthday, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

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