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Celebrity diets to avoid In 2016


As the new year comes around, celebrities rave about their diets using every social media platform they can. […]

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Coffee found to reduce chance of heart disease, Parkinson’s and Type 2 diabetes


Drinking up to five cups of coffee a day could help you live longer, scientists […]

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Eat like the Victorians to be healthier, say experts

Organic Homemade Ancient Grain Bread made with Amaranth

Experts are calling for dieters to try eating like a Victorian, according to an article […]

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This is why plane food tastes truly awful… and the reason may surprise you


Plane food can typically taste dull and bland. But now, according to the Mirror, experts say […]

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Tea could cut stroke and diabetes risk, scientists reveal

black tea

Your regular cuppa could be key to cutting your risk of stroke and diabetes, scientists […]

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Three glasses of champagne daily ‘could prevent dementia’


Drinking three glasses of champagne every day could help to prevent the onset of dementia and […]

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Thought Gin & Tonic crisps were weird? Bizarre flavoured snacks from around the world


From Pigs in Blankets to Prosecco and Elderberry, The Mirror takes a look at some […]

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Diet coke dramatically raises heart risk, find scientists


Artificially sweetened drinks such as Diet Coke can dramatically raise heart risk, scientists have discovered. […]

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The 116 things that cause cancer, according to World Health Organization experts


Bacon, burgers and sausages were this week deemed to be as big a cancer threat […]

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Welcome to the flophouse! The films no one wanted to see


According to The Guardian, a disastrous weekend at the US box office highlights a year […]

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