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Parliament’s porn problem


Attempts to access websites classified as pornography were made almost 700 times a day by […]

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Amateur Attenborough spots roadrunner


A motorist thought he’d driven into a cartoon after spotting a real-life “Roadrunner” pelting alongside […]

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Officials tell MPs to avoid Twitter when drunk


MPs have been warned by officials not to tweet while drunk and to always wait […]

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Tinder user who received fat abuse inundated with offers


A woman who hit back at a date who told her she was too fat to […]

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Rubiks Cube World Championships given a touch of samba

UK Rubik's Cube Championship

This weekend (Friday 17 – Sunday 19 July), hundreds of the world’s fastest speedcubers will […]

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Villagers react angrily to ‘Swingfields 2015’


Villagers reacted with outrage on Sunday after more than 500 swingers invaded their sleepy, secluded […]

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How much does it cost to play tennis near you?


Wimbledon is upon us and has already inspired many to get back on the court […]

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Relationship advice from dogs


Dogs operate on the Golden Rule; they treat us the way we want to be […]

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Blue Peter presenter to swallow camera pill and broadcast his gut


It’ll be a case of “here’s something I ate earlier” this week on Blue Peter […]

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Wimbledon win for Murray could cost British economy £3.2bn


Andy Murray winning Wimbledon this year could cost the British economy up to £3.2 billion […]

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