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Over three million UK residents fail to go on holiday


Credit: This story was first seen on The Daily Express. Over three million people forfeited […]

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More than half of UK workers want to change career


Credit: This story was first seen on More than half (54%) of UK workers […]

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British workers left ‘stressed, rundown and depressed’ because they are not taking enough holiday time


Credit: This story was first seen on The Mirror Overworked Brits are being left stressed, […]

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Commuter with £6,000 railcard sits in cleaning cupboard on journey home


Credit: This story was seen on The Independent A commuter has been forced to sit […]

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One in four UK citizens living abroad in Australia


Credit: This story was first seen on the Guardian A common language, accessible visas, better […]

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Intelligent people are more easily distracted at work, study claims


Credit: This story was first seen on The Telegraph Workers who have trouble concentrating on […]

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‘Zombie’ workers commute to the office on autopilot


Credit: This story was first seen on the Evening Standard   Most workers commute to the […]

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Bosses can snoop on workers’ private emails and messages, European court rules


Employers have the right to spy on staff’s work emails and electronic messages, the European Court […]

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Office workers, construction workers and journalists facing ‘redundancy’ in next few years


Office and administrative jobs, as well as roles in media, manufacturing, construction and general maintenance, […]

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Almost two-thirds of young adults want to start a business, report claims


Almost three quarters (72%) of UK workers aged 25-34 are motivated to start a business […]

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